Avoid The Flu With A Clean Cell Phone Screen

This year, we've seen the worst flu season in many years. In fact, because of the type of flu strain that seems to have reached near-epidemic status, of those who received a flu vaccine, only six out of ten will avoid getting the flu. The good news is if you do get the vaccine and still contract the flu, your symptoms are said to be much milder. Even so, no one wants to be down and out for a week to ten days with this type of illness, so it's important to protect yourself as much as you can. That means frequently washing your hands, avoiding touching your face as much as possible, and taking extra precautions to clean the air and surfaces you come in contact with on a regular basis. That includes using anti-bacterial wipes on your desk and phone at work, and making sure you have a clean cell phone screen too.

How Do You Get The Flu?

Experts believe that you get the flu by coming into contact with someone who has the flu. If that person sneezes or coughs, the germs travel through the air and the tiny droplets land in your nose or mouth, gross. However, those airborne water droplets can also land on the surfaces around you. This is the 'viral' part of the sickness and it happens very easily. The statistics demonstrate a need for additional precautions to be taken, including cleaning things you touch regularly. One of those things is definitely your cell phone.

Maintain A Clean Cell Phone Screen

During flu season, you might want to avoid allowing a stranger or even a friend to use your cell phone, which is pretty good advice all the time actually. However, keeping your cell phone fairly sequestered won't keep it free from any particles that might be in the air. There are various companies that have made it easier for you to make sure you have a clean cell phone screen during flu season with screen cleaners. The two most popular product on the market are Microfiber Cloths, which can be kept right in your purse, pocket, or a drawer in your desk and are microfiber patches of cloth, and Screen Cleaner Stickers, which are microfiber cloths that adhere to the back of your phone for easy access.

The Microfiber Cloths can be tossed into your washing machine periodically to ensure that they stay clean. Simply wash with like other common materials, and avoid bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets for the best results. Sticky Screen Cleaners are an easier alternative because they attach to your phone itself, and they usually come in a variety of designs. These can be washed by hand in a sink with some gentle soap.

You use your cell phone during the day quite a bit, touching it to your face and hands and checking it constantly. Even if you set it down on a table, or leave it in your open purse, airborne germs can come into contact with it. Microfiber is a great choice for cleaning your cell phone because it uses an electrical charge to attract and remove particles, dirt, and germs.

Take a look at some of the products that are out there, as there are many great options that can help you stay well this season.

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From Bucket List to Loyal Patron

Great marketing provides us with an opportunity to stimulate interest in our business, drawing customers in to sample what we have to offer. Successful efforts may even garner you a position on the "bucket list"; that small ranking of must-see once, must-do once, must-try once products and services that includes of course, your competition.

Such an achievement is wonderful as it is recognition for the hard work put in to building your enterprise; but real success should be measured in good part not only by the volume of first time purchasers; but by the percentage of clients who buy from you again and again, and again...

Much has been said about the cost benefits of attracting and maintaining loyal customers; those who choose you even when the options are plentiful and may quite likely have something equally good to offer.

Analysts note that it is 6 to 7 times more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. Therefore, it's equally important, if not more, to cultivate and maintain loyal customers while attracting new customers.

How do we harness the rewards of a successful marketing plan and transform the audience it generated into long term, repeat, supportive, partners in our future success? What steps can we take, what actions ensure such an honor?

Make customers love your products and services

Products and Services are the base of a business. They're not only important factors that can distinguish you from your competitors, but also reasons to keep customers coming back repeatedly. Products and Services loved by customers often have something in common:

Realize promised value: Have your products and services performed as advertised? If yes, customers are likely to stay satisfied with your products and services even though they may have higher expectations. Sure, it will be much better, if you give customers more than you promised.

Deliver a pleasant user experience: Customers are people; people have emotions. Bringing a pleasant experience to the users can produce great influence on improving customer loyalty and spreading your brand. This requires you to invest in the usability, design and interactive experience of your products and services on top of just features. As to how to know customers' real feelings about your products, social media can be a great tool; you will not find a more unfiltered source of data.

Provide dedicated support: Service is the most direct way customers feel their importance in your business. Be responsive and helpful whenever customers need your assistance, from pre-sales queries to post-sales support. Let the customers know you are always standing by.
"Quality in a product or service is not what you put into it, it is what your customer gets out of it" ~Peter F. Drucker

Learn from lost customers

When customers stop using your products and services, you lose them. Do you know why each of the customers leaves you?

It would be helpful to create a lost customer database which includes the following:

Reason: Why do they give up on your offerings?

Lifetime: How long have they used your products and services?

Solution: How to convince them to continue using your products?

Requesting such feedback and creating a database on the findings can help you with identifying root cause of your client loss and equally important, preventing future losses. It will give you insights on better serving your current patrons. As we know; happy customers will bring you more customers and opportunities while unhappy ones may cause public relation crises.

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning" ~Bill Gates

Nurture your supporters

Treat customers as individuals as not everyone responds to event the most sincere gestures in the very same manner. Customize interactions and correspondence; track personal trigger points and reference them when connecting.

Ask for feedback from your repeat patrons and by all means, respond and/or act upon these highly valued nuggets to provide assurance that you are in fact listening.

"Loyal customers, they don't just come back, they don't simply recommend you; they insist that their friends do business with you" ~Chip Bell

The Changing Trends Of Cloud Gateways

Today's well known Cloud stockpiling innovation is encountering wonderful mechanical headways. That is the reason little to extensive endeavors are pulled in to this innovation. Moreover, various changes likewise have been connected to the cloud door market.

Cloud innovation encourages the clients to flawlessly exchange fundamental information records anyplace over the globe, and in a split second recover them on-interest. Security and continuous information stream are not exactly as straightforward, as they require keen arranging and above all, making various duplicates of information.

Inside a brief timeframe outline, there have been amazing specialized progressions; few of the vital corrections are recorded here:

1. Two of the most as of late presented creative elements are "use case customization" and "Cloud Enablement".

2. The principal use-case customization approach includes the merchant's serious spotlight on planning tailor-made Gateway for the particular distributed storage prerequisites and specific fragments.

3. Cloud Enablement has killed the worries of the end-clients, and now they have complete trust in transferring their computerized information resources in cloud. Along these lines, a different scope of distributed storage arrangements are accessible for specific needs, and can best fit assortment of capacity situations.

4. More adaptability was required for Cloud Gateways so as to consistently incorporate in big business situations. In this way the entryways needed to embrace the qualities of information stockpiling stack. Thus, the entryways have changed into Controllers.

5. Sellers of the entryway controllers consolidated new cutting edge components to hoist system execution, while tending to the requesting information administration challenges. In any case, as such, these controllers have not yet succeeded in accomplishing these objectives.

6. Because of advancing client needs and blasting information volumes, the IT heads are thinking that its harder to handle the system stockpiling challenges. Information development implies more limit, as well as incorporates the expanding number of end-focuses and more noteworthy use of video correspondence.

7. Best answer for these new requesting difficulties is computerized information administration. The information records must be kept up, relocated and duplicated productively with no human impedance.

8. For more noteworthy operational productivity, it is vital that the organizations ought to have the capacity to independently alter the strategies and coordinate them in their system. The end-client must have the adaptability to change strategies and handle broadest scope of particular endeavor needs.

9. The tweaked information controller will assist add to its state-to-the-craftsmanship includes, and encourage fortify the stage for overseeing unfathomable information volumes out in the open/private cloud situations.

As Product Marketing Manager, Adams drives product-focused communications for WestendITStore. He is actively involved in product strategy and specializes in articulating technical concepts in the form of creative, value-based messages. Adams brings 10 years of experience in marketing enterprise software/hardware products in startup, high-growth and mature companies.

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7 Basics For Keeping Your Company's Data Safe

Each and every other week there is another prominent information rupture in the media. From Target to Home Depot to iCloud to JPMorgan to Snapchat to the White House-and most as of late the overwhelming assault on Sony Pictures Entertainment-there's dependably a feature highlighting the loss of information and rupture of trust.

Be that as it may, that doesn't mean your business must be one of them and endure the stunning $3.5 million misfortunes coming about because of a normal information rupture.

Here are seven practices and items you can receive today to stay out of the information rupture club.

1. Arm Yourself For The Dangers Inside.

Information hazards today don't exclusively start from malevolent programmers, regardless of the fact that news features recommend something else. A late PwC study found that inside dangers and mix-ups now constitute a greater test to business security than outer ones, implying that paying little respect to size, today's organizations must control information on capacity stages, as well as on representative and business accomplices' gadgets and records.

2. Get The Lay Of The Area.

Ask yourself: "What is the most delicate, private information that our business holds, how is it taken care of, and who has admittance to it?" Create a spreadsheet coordinating information sorts and administrations to the representatives and business partners who can get to them. Make a point to incorporate the two most delicate sorts of information: client data and licensed innovation.

3. Parts And Authorizations.

Once you've distinguished your benefits, audit levels of access and on the off chance that they can be controlled by means of approach, or, even better, automatically. A critical variable to consider is whether your substance administration stage of decision permits the profundity of control executives need to set parts for every particular use case inside the organization. It's imperative that these are refined, constraining get to and alter of essential information to approved staff.

4. Take In Your Shortcomings.

A great many people reuse the same secret word crosswise over administrations, including business related projects. At the point when a major retailer or administration supplier is broken, there is an undeniable chance that corporate messages and passwords are additionally affected. A comparable weakness as of late empowered aggressors to access a great many Dropbox accounts as outsider administrations incorporated with the item were bargained, laying a huge number of usernames and passwords powerless.

To learn in the event that this has happened some time recently, begin by heading once again to security master Troy Hunt's site or Breach Alarm's free instrument and sweep representatives' email addresses through their device-their database is frequently overhauled with the most recent distributed breaks.

5. Passwords Hold The Key.

To keep a comparative episode, have a solid watchword administration strategy. Teaching workers about never reusing passwords crosswise over administrations and making more grounded passwords (go for length over assortment of characters, however) is additionally key.

Naturally, this prerequisite results in hard to recollect passwords, straining efficiency. On the off chance that conceivable, begin utilizing a watchword administration application. They're anything but difficult to utilize, naturally create solid passwords for every administration-and, in particular, they're secure. LastPass is a pioneer in this field.

6. Expect The Following Shellshock.

There is another critical motivation to keep focused of security news. Inside the previous year alone, two noteworthy vulnerabilities were observed to prowl in broadly utilized programming-Heartbleed and Shellshock. We can securely expect that it won't be long before the following defenselessness is uncovered, and it's imperative to pay consideration on the news for when they become visible-particularly if any of the product your business uses is traded off. Mass abuse of these vulnerabilities can happen in as meager as a week's opportunity after they're uncovered, so your business is at danger in the event that you stick around-or far more terrible, do nothing.

7. Get Your Work Done

At the point when picking administrations to execute into your business' work process, it's essential not to ignore unadulterated security for profitability advantages, a simple mix-up in today's efficiency and-cloud-crazed environment. Do your due determination, and make a point to run with administrations that are prescribed by security experts and your industry's significant affiliations, which frequently distribute rules important to your business sector and administrative environment. It's likewise vital to ensure the administrations that you choose to run with incorporate protection strategies and sureties that will educate you when their frameworks are ruptured.

Adams Smith Thompson is a technology adviser. Buy an assortment of inexpensive products for your business from Westenditstore.com at reasonable prices.

Can You Recover Lost Data?

In a nutshell, recovering data means that someone has to try to salvage inaccessible data from a corrupted or damaged storage site. Think computers and how they crash, sometimes inexplicably and you are suddenly left with nothing.

That feeling of helplessness when your computer crashes leads you to an expert in data recovery. Sometimes they are successful and sometimes they aren't but they are all trained in salvaging files from storage media like external hard disk drives, solid state drives, USB flash drives, CD's, DVD's, and magnetic tapes.

Data recovery can be needed for different things, the most common is an operating system failure but computers can also be damaged by physical damage and things like tornadoes, flooding and hurricanes; things that are deemed 'acts of God'. Then of course there is the good old virus or Trojan Horse that gets into the computer and renders it in need of quick and professional assistance.

If you have the most common type of data recovery it will be because of an operating system failure and in that case the technician will try to get your files on to an other device. If you have a drive level failure and/or a compromised file system or hard drive disk failure the data may not be as easy to recover and read. In this case the technician would try to repair the file system itself, and luckily some damage may be able to be repaired by replacing parts of the hard disk. If there is still damage there is a specialized disk imagining procedure that can be undertaken to try to recover every readable bit of the data that can be reclaimed. Then the files can possibly be reconstructed.

Usually if your computer crashes and you need a data recovery expert you will take the computer to them, but other times they have to do their work remotely either because the system is just too big to take in or just too far away for it to be possible. This of course requires a lot more skill and expertise in the field.

Simply, then there are four phases of data recovery. Repair the hard disk drive, image the drive to a new drive, logical recovery of files and repair retrieved files. Once all four steps have been taken, we hope that your computer is up and running again, and it should last-until the next time you experience a crash.

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Backing Up Your Information in the Cloud Is Encouraged

Even though there is plenty of information circulating about Cloud backup solutions, many people are still sceptical. It can be hard to embrace something new like this. The technology can be intimidating to others. There are people who don't make the time for the backup process and others who worry it will be too complicated for them.

Yet there are many reasons why you should consider this method. Once you learn more about what it offers, you will be encouraged to give it a closer look. Talk to people using it that you know or read information online. Those details can help you to put your fears aside. You need a solid game plan in action for backing up information that is up to speed.


If you have a backup system that is onsite, it isn't going to offer you as much value as you might think. There can be plenty of scenarios where things are array in house and you can't depend on any of the information there. It may be inaccessible due to problems or it may be compromised. With Cloud backup solutions, you are storing the data offsite.

Even if you have problems at a given location, you will be able to still access it quickly. This can save you the hassle of struggling to get by without certain information. For a business, it can make the difference between being able to continue with the customer needs or having to shut down for a period of time.


Running out of storage space is going to be a nightmare! Yet it realistically can happen if you have large volumes of data. Your business may be small right now, but it is going to grow and grow. Being prepared for the long term storage needs you may encounter is very important. With Cloud backup solutions, you have no limits to the amount of data you can store.

Web Based Tools

Most of the work will be done for you through the use of web based tools. You can select what to store, when to store it, reports to create, and many more details. The endless time spent to manually complete a backup is eliminated from the equation. Cloud backup solutions are fast, efficient, and user friendly.

User Friendly

In spite of all the great features that are offered with Cloud backup solutions, it really is a user friendly process. Getting materials set up and moved to the Cloud isn't hard and it doesn't take as much time as you might think it would. As an added bonus, it is a cost effective solution. Many consumers are impressed when they find out how little it costs!

Should you ever need to access the backup resources, they are going to be there and ready to go. This is going to reduce downtime problems and stress. Your risk of not being able to recover information successfully is going to be eliminated. You can't say the same about many of the older and outdated systems people still have in place.


There are top of the line security measures in place with Cloud backup solutions. They continue to be monitored and updated all the time. Staying several steps ahead of hackers and other negative elements is very important. It reduces the risk that your information can be compromised o any level.

You can set your own security settings too which will limit who has the authority to access any of the stored materials. You can also set it up so that only certain people have top level clearance for such data and others can access lower level materials.

About Us: Smile IT is dedicated to helping you with all your computer related needs. We stay on top of current issues and changes so nothing falls through the cracks. This includes repairs, cloud converting and assistance, and all types of IT support you can imagine. The goal is to make it a simplified process when you need help. Not only will you get efficient service, you will get it quickly and from well-trained individuals. Check out all that is offered at http://www.smileit.com.au. Your IT needs are far too important to trust them to just anyone. If you are tired of getting the run around, it is time to check out our exceptional services!

Ways Help Desk Can Improve Your Business Performance

An association's customer unwaveringness occurs for the most part depend upon its post-bargains customer organizations. Customer relations don't end once the things have been gotten by the customer or organizations have been given by the association; the authentic experience starts after the purchase.

Development has made remote correspondence possible, and various associations use it further reinforcing their favorable luck as help desks. Through help desks, you can help your customers and agents with typical particular issues, for instance, researching web affiliation, presenting programming, resetting passwords and upgrade your purchaser dependability rate and operational adequacy.

To offer you some help with advancing fathom the upsides of having a help desk, we are posting 3 ways help desks improve business gainfulness and capability.

Help Desks Permits Multitasking

While various people expect that help desks are planned to serve external customers only, a business can setup help desks to give particular help to their delegates as well. Using remote correspondence development, delegates can report their issue to the IT pros and get fast offer assistance. This methodology allows multitasking. Let's suppose, if an IT staff is flying out to a remote part of the attempting to decide a particular issue, they can remotely connect with the help desk and make sense of who else needs help with the particular range and resolve their issue in the midst of a lone trek.

Help Desks Develop Service Quality

Using data stockpiling and reporting systems, associations can track the issues reported by customers, study them, and take fundamental measures to upgrade the way of their things or organizations. Case in point, if a couple of customers call and report near issue in the midst of the foundation of programming, the help desk might report the issue to the item headway bunch or the quality control office with the objective that they can settle the issue rapidly.

Help Desks Perk Up Customer Satisfaction

The best purpose of enthusiasm of having a very much arranged and responsive help desk is upgraded buyer devotion rate. By article dispersed by Salesforce, 45 percent of online customers may give up an online trade if they inquiries are not tended to quickly by the customer organizations division. Help desks not simply give pre-bargains reinforce; they are a urgent part of the post-bargains customer endeavor. Associations that don't have a help desk generally encounter the evil impacts of customer frustration and poor information in light of the way that their customers don't absolutely know where to go for the information, and they end up gaining the contender's thing or organization.

Since help desks have transformed into a key bit of customer organizations, various associations outsource their help desk organizations to pariahs that are customer organizations power. Outsourcing help desks not simply improves the response time; it is furthermore an incredibly functional procedure for giving high bore, specific IT reinforce organizations to the customers.

Adams Smith Thompson is a technology adviser. Buy an assortment of inexpensive products for your business and organised your workplace. Buy IT products from http://www.Westenditstore.com at reasonable prices.

iPhone 4 Vs DROID Incredible - Smartphone Titans Reviewed

DROID Incredible Compared with iPhone 4

With the iPhone 4 now being officially released, the real question on everyone's mind is, "How is it going to stack up against the currently superior DROID Incredible?" Well, we finally have that answer, and it looks like Apple has done it again. The new iPhone 4 packs quite a punch especially considering many of it's features are not only comparably better than that of the DROID Incredible but also outside the realm of possibilities for the DROID Incredible due to Apple's proprietary software and hardware. This isn't to say that the iPhone 4 is better in every aspect however, there are many features that the DROID Incredible still offers that the iPhone simply can't match. Even so, it's been a hard fought battle up to this point for about the past year with regards to market share, but with this new release I see nothing short of a landslide victory in the coming months. The real competition that the iPhone 4 will now face is the HTC EVO.

A couple of reasons the DROID incredible has seen such a large gain in market share during this period is due to two reasons. One, the enormous marketing push to show how and why the DROID Incredible was better than the iPhone 3GS, plus the DROID Incredible's ability to multi task. Now that Apple's OS 4 operating system that comes with the iPhone 4 allows multi tasking though, the DROID Incredible may not be so "credible" at all. One of the biggest differences between the two platforms is the number of apps available for each. The iPhone 4 comes with the Apple Store's 215,000 plus apps, while DROID's Incredible can only boast around 70,000. A lot of times, this and this alone is the reason that many buyers choose Apple's phone products versus the DROID's. Since you are taking the time to read this however, I will assume you want a little more info on both to help you make your decision and that is why we put together a thorough comparison of both platforms main selling points and features. Hope you find it useful!


Apple is of course known for their sleek designs and the iPhone 4 isn't going to be the exception. The new phone comes with a stainless steel band that couples as the iPhone 4 antenna is engineered to be 4 times stronger than steel and allows for the extra thin and rigid design. In addition to the stainless steel band, both the front and back are made with engineered aluminosilcate glass (the same stuff used in high speed trains and helicopters). The glass is designed to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times stronger than plastic. Also it's extremely durable. In comparison, the DROID Incredible... well... it's plastic. No comparison needed here, the iPhone has much more curb appeal.

Size and Weight (Dimensions)

The new iPhone 4 weighs in at 4.8 ounces (137 grams) and measures 4.5 inches (H) by 2.31 inches (W) by 0.37 inches (D). The DROID Incredible comparably weighs in 4.59 inches (130 grams) and measures 4.63 inches (H) by 2.3 inches (W) by 0.47 inches (D). As you can see the differences here aren't that astonishing. The iPhone 4 dimensions differs slightly in weight and the depth is considerably thinner than that of the DROID incredible. This is as a result of many of the internal factors that Apple painstakingly designed in to fit perfectly in their new glass metallic casing. However, for most consumers, this really won't be a factor when considering which device to purchase.


Verizon and Alltel use the Dual Band CDMA 2000 system they offer for the DROID Incredible. AT&T will continue its affiliation with the iPhone 4 as expected, operating their GSM/EDGE network. For more detailed differences please review the article on our website comparing AT&T's network to Verizon's.

As for wireless capabilities both the iPhone 4 and DROID Incredible offer 802.11 b/g/n. Additionally each also offer Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and I believe the new iPhone 4 is going to offer wireless tethering via the OS 4 release which will allow for automatic syncing much like the MacBook's and other current Apple devices.

The current cellular carrier, AT&T probably accounts for the majority of all complaints with the current iPhone 3GS. Some may find this to be a huge factor in which phone they choose, and AT&T and Apple both know this and thus have made promises to make their network much stronger. This would help to resolve the current issues of dropping calls and spotty 3G coverage that users complain of so often. Even though they may have "promised" to do so, they seem to be dropping the ball on it as those changes have yet to be noticed by the majority of iPhone users. So keep in mind that at this point, if you go with the iPhone 4, your probably going to have some of the same encounters with network problems that everyone else is having right now.

Services Location Based

The iPhone 3GS previously offered maps and directions via Google Maps through a proprietary app, but with the release of the iPhone 4 they will now have assisted GPS and also their all important standard "digital compass," which, in my opinion is probably the most useless item on the entire phone. Also, as before the location services will be performed via wi-fi and cellular triangulation services. As for the DROID Incredible, they will be offering Google Maps with Navigation, which has been offered on the previous DROID versions as well. There is not a huge difference here either but it would appear that the Android compatible DROID Incredible may have slightly better offerings as it is coupled directly with Googles navigation services and their support will be a decisive advantage for not only the DROID Incredible but all phones taking advantage of the Android OS.

Power and Battery

The iPhone 4 carries with it the power of a lithium ion battery which is rechargeable via a USB connection with a computer or by plugging it into a wall with a standard power adapter. DROID's Incredible can do the same thing and comes with rechargeable lithium ion battery too. The battery for the DROID can be taken out though which allows you the ability to replace it with another battery if the one your using goes dead. Who really cares though unless your going out of town somewhere like camping or something and don't have any outlets for power around anywhere and no car charger. If this is the case, you probably won't need to charge it anyway because you may just not want to deal with it for a few days.

Being the second phone to come to market has given the iPhone 4 a chance to step up its game a little in the battery department however in regards to talk, standby, and usage times. This new smartphone can give you a seriously nasty 7 hours of total talk time if your using 3G, 14 hours if using 2G, and when your on standby, you can get in the 300 hour range! Plus when it comes to internet use, surf around as much as you like for about 6 hours if using 3G and about 10 if using your Wi-fi connection. Plus if you love videos and music like some do, the iPhone 4 will offer about 10 hours of video play and when listening to your favorite music you will be able to chill for like 40 hours.

In comparison, the DROID Incredible offers around 312 minutes of usage time with 146 hours of standby via their provided specs on Verizon.com. Not nearly a match for the far more advanced and larger iPhone 4 battery. For most users who plug in their device every night anyway, this doesn't become a huge issue. For the power hungry and media intensive users however, the iPhone 4 may be the best option.

Memory Storage Capacity

Although the new iPhone 4 was expected to provide up to 64GB of internal memory, the actual spec came out to be the same as the iPhone 3GS upscale model at 32GB of total internal memory. They also offer a 16GB version much like was previously offered when the 3GS entered the market. By comparison the DROID Incredible offers a only 8GB of internal memory with expansion capability of up to 16 GB via a mircoSD card for a total 24GB of storage. This may not seem like an overly large difference until you consider the fact that you cannot store apps on the 16GB of external memory.

Both phones should be able to bring plenty enough memory for pretty much any and all users requirements. If you are a big fan of downloading a lot of different apps, the iPhone 4 is going to be the best option. If you use your smartphone for other things like music, videos, and photos however, the DROID Incredible may be the best choice for one main reason. You can place all your videos, music, and photos on to separate microSD cards and then swap in and out the cards depending on which medium you want to check out at that point. They really are both great options for varying reasons.


Now is when the two phones begin to separate themselves with some pretty ENORMOUS differences. The DROID Incredible and the iPhone 4 were both pretty evenly matched until now. When Apple stepped up the competition to a new level with a display that brings an amazing 960 x 640 pixel screen resolution and 326 ppi, they rained on DROID's parade. The DROID Incredible has what was a fairly brilliant 800 x 480 pixel screen res, and a slightly larger display (3.7") than the iPhone 4 (3.5"). The larger screen and less pixels will make an obvious picture difference, and when we begin discussing both phones cameras below, it will stick out like a sore thumb too.

In addition to the better pixel ratio's the iPhone 4 also offers a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on not only the front screen, but the back of the device as well. The contrast for the device is also significantly better at 800:1.

These are only a few of the comparisons of the iPhone 4 to the DROID Incredible. Hopefully it helped, and if you would like even more info on this phone, just visit our iPhone-DROID site(links below) for more info.

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How to Check Your Hard Drive For Errors Using Check Disk

Disk error checking is a task you should perform from time to time as part of your routine maintenance. The best way to do this is to use one of your system tools; Check Disc. This tool will check your hard drive volumes for errors and will attempt to fix them. It will look for bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors. If you set up your computer with an administrator account, then you will need to log on as the administrator. Before using any system tools or altering system settings create a System Restore point and back up your files to an external media. To begin check disc, click 'Start' then 'Run'. In the 'Open' box, type cmd and press ENTER (on your keyboard). When you see a prompt type, chkdsk and ENTER. The process may take several minutes to run, or you may receive a message "Chkdsk cannot run because one or more files are open, do you want to schedule this error checking for the next time you start windows" Type 'Y' and press ENTER. If chkdsk runs immediately you will receive a report when it has completed. Quite often, you will see this message or similar - "Windows found problems with the file system run CHKDSK with the /F (Fix) option to correct these. So you now type CHKDSK/F AND PRESS ENTER. To automatically repair errors, locate bad sectors and recover readable files, at the prompt type: chkdsk volume:/r then press ENTER. Once again, it most likely will ask to schedule this task for the next time you start windows. Type 'Y' and press ENTER. To return to your normal Desktop, type EXIT and press ENTER. Re-start your computer. After POST check disc will run, this may take several minutes. Once completed your computer may re-start again automatically. If you prefer, you can run this tool from My Computer. Right click on your hard drive, usually 'C' choose 'Properties' from the drop-down list, then 'Tools'. In the 'Error Checking' box click 'Check Now'. A check disk dialog box will appear with two options: Automatically Fix file system errors - Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors. Select the first option, Automatically Fix file system errors, for your first run. Then select the second option next time. Once again, you may receive a message to schedule this task for the next time you start windows, click 'Yes'. And re-start your PC. David Snowdon has been working with Computers since 1980, he is a published writer and author of many Computer articles. Read all of his articles at his Blogspot. Also check out a review of a new 'Faster PC' eBook at http://wolfdave-slowcomputer.blogspot.com/

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